A First-Timer Watches Doctor Who: “Flesh and Stone”

doctor who


When we last left the Doctor he was preparing his comrades to jump on his signal. In the second half of this two-part episode, we find out why: he was going to reverse gravity, natch.

Clever party trick aside, danger came at Amy and the Doctor from all directions during this episode and it seemed for a time that there might not be enough sonic screwdriver solutions in the universe to get them out of the major jam they’d found themselves in.

Chief among the many anxiety-inducing situations was the fact that Amy (whose poor eyeballs had been imprinted with an Angel image—and therefore an actual Angel) had to fend for herself in a forest full of the creatures. If that weren’t already enough of a nail-biter, she had to do it with her eyes closed. (Remember, you’re not even supposed to BLINK in the presence of the Angels, never mind stumbling around like you’re playing a lonely game of Marco Polo.)


And then there’s that crack thing that’s been following her around. The Doctor diagnoses it as the end of the universe with his typical “shrug, no big deal” style. Nothing phases Matt Smith’s Doc. Anyway, it’s been leaking time energy all over the place, erasing individual existences pell-mell. Prognosis? “Extremely very not good,” he decides, changing his tune just a smidge.

All in all, it’s enough to make you want to lie down and let the futility of the predicament lull you off to sleep/death.


But the Doctor, Amy, and convicted murderer (whaaaa?) River Song push on (because lying down to die mid-season is very bad form). Besides, if they’d given up we wouldn’t have seen River in handcuffs for the second time in Who history. Maybe they’re her thing, like the Doctor’s bow tie.


We also wouldn’t have seen Amy attempt to snog the Doctor (the night before her own wedding and after just being rescued by the Doctor’s maybe-wife, too).


But just when it seemed as though she was going to have to face facts about her impending nuptials, it’s back into the TARDIS for some emergency mission—or a last-minute bachelorette party. Only time (lords) will tell.