Ant-Man And Iron Man Are Totally Best Buddies In The Latest Poster


Photo Credit: Marvel

Ant-Man comes out in theaters a little over a month, and it sort of feels like Marvel hasn’t this much fun milking a superhero’s gimmick since… well, maybe ever. Unless you count that time all the Iron Man trailers had Black Sabbath songs in them.

First, there was the tiny ant-sized first trailer for the movie back in January, shortly followed by a poster with lil’ Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) in the center:

And then there were the teensiest of billboards for ants that popped up in Australia this spring:


Now even Iron Man is getting in on the action by giving Ant-Man the daintiest of shoulder rides:

What’s next, Marvel? Are you going to start sending people little toy Ant-Man helmets in the mail? Maybe unveil an ant-sized movie theater? As long as it’s itty bitty and adorable as heck, we are on board.

Ant-Man premieres July 17.