5 Things You Need To Know Before The Arrow Season 8 Premiere


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You know that feeling where you’re trying to save the entire city but people keep getting in your way because vigilantism is having a moment in the ‘We Hate It’ spotlight? Ugh. It’s not easy being Oliver Queen. Even when you succeed, saving Star City from criminal masterminds and Ninth Circle assassins, the multiverse (literally) continues to demand more from you—in the form of sacrificing your life for the slim chance that you *might* save us all (again).

This is basically where we left off last season, when Arrow wrapped up a seventh installment of superhero-fueled drama, action and some huge developments. Here’s what you need to remember going into Season 8:

Emiko’s Death


After a season of deception and betrayal, Emiko and Oliver finally reconciled… only to have Emiko die in the finale. We seriously feel for Oliver’s little sister—she definitely didn’t have the easiest time growing up, and her relationship with the father she and Oliver share made Oliver’s childhood look like a fairy tale. Hence the whole her wanting both Oliver and their dad to die thing. Papa Queen, of course, did die (credit: Emiko), but brother and sister made amends before she met her end.

Felicity & Oliver’s Daughter


Current-day Felicity and Oliver are hiding yet another kid to protect her from their dangerous lifestyle. Why has no one called Child Protective Services on these two? Welcome, Baby Mia (we already know the grown up version of you). We hope you’re a strong runner.

The Multiverse’s Debts


“I thought I’d have more time” are some pretty great last words—spoken by none other than Oliver Queen just as he got the news (hey, Mar Novu) that the deal he made to save everyone he loves has a steep price (and no rebates). Present-day Oliver had to leave his daughter and Felicity (again) for a shot at ensuring the survival of the human race. He must be so exhausted.

The Band’s Broken Up


Even their practice space (read: nuclear-enabled bunker) has been mothballed for possible future catastrophes. And while we’re thrilled for Mr. Terrific and his new fiancée, we’re thinking that disbanding the elite city-saving superhero team the day after it saves the city is just a tad premature. 

Felicity’s Deal


Never one to be left behind, Felicity fulfilled her promise to Oliver—protecting both of his children until they’re old enough to fend for themselves—and got on the next… uh… inter-dimensional water slide (or something) to find her husband and maybe keep him from dying… in 2019.

Arrow Season 8 premieres October 15 at 9/6p on CTV Sci-Fi Channel. Check out the season trailer below.