Producer Victoria Alonso Talks Avengers: Endgame’s ‘Cheer Moments’ And Thor’s Transformation


Last week, we published (the spoiler-free) Part 1 of our interview with Avengers: Endgame executive producer Victoria Alonso. Now that a couple of weeks have passed since Endgame‘s official premiere, we’re finally ready to give you the more spoiler-y second half of the interview, in which Alonso talks about filming Infinity War and Endgame back to back and what she wants viewers to take away after watching the movie, among other things.

Warning: Avengers: Endgame spoilers ahead.


Space: I know you filmed them back to back, but does either Infinity War or Endgame stand out as being more challenging or more rewarding?

Victoria Alonso: No, they don’t. We didn’t look at the movies as two movies—we looked at them as one movie that got released at two different times. Because it’s the same crew, the same people, the same cast, the same shoot. We shot it back to back for 14 months. So we never parcelled it as, ‘oh, that’s one movie and this is another movie.’ Because so much of what happened in movie two had to be set up in movie one…you couldn’t break them apart. It’s just that you couldn’t finish them. You couldn’t do the six hours all in one go in 2018. So we had to have one year apart.

In one of the Infinity War Blu-ray extras, you talk about the scene in which Okoye and Natasha come to defend Wanda being one of the big “cheer moments” of the movie. Are there any similar moments in Endgame that stand out to you?

There are two moments that I would say are incredibly important for Nebula and Gamora. When Gamora goes to tell her ‘You’re better than this. You’re not what you’ve become. And we can beat him.’ I thought that was a beautiful sister moment. Not only a sister as a sister, but a sisterhood moment where sometimes you just need someone to lend you a hand to get up and get out there and fight the fight.


And the women of Marvel moment in the final battle. If that doesn’t make you feel something, then we need to work harder.

How fun was it to, because of the big time jump, get to explore sides of characters like Hulk and Thor that we’d never seen before?

I think that it’s been super fun for Chris Hemsworth and Mark Ruffalo, who are brilliant at everything they do.

I think that exploring different layers to these characters for them is wonderful, which allows us to do our craft. And you know, all of a sudden to have this Smart Hulk—which is something we’ve been wanting to do for quite some time. And demystifying the God of Thunder, who is one of the most phenomenally gifted, handsome men in the world and yet he still had all kinds of powers…he was just a little sad and had himself let go.


Which is, again, another conversation about sometimes when you’re sad, you hurt yourself, right? And then you do the drinking or the food, and then your body takes a hit. Not to say that you couldn’t recover. Not to say that you couldn’t get out there and do it right. As his mother says, ‘make sure you eat your salad.’ I thought that was a beautiful moment, a beautiful moment. She just [tells him that] the future hasn’t been kind to you. We thought that was a beautiful line.

Is there any sort of over-arching feeling or message that you want fans take away from the movie after they watch it?

There’s a line that Frigga says to Thor—’a measure of a person, of a hero, is how well they succeed at being who they are.’ It’s like, don’t be who you’re supposed to be, just be who you are. And I think that that throughout this film you see one hint after the other of everyone trying to be who they are. And that’s where they find the teamwork and the success. And that’s where they defeat evil.


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