We Put Deadly Class’ Benjamin Wadsworth’s ’80s Knowledge To The Test


The ’80s brought us movies big (Back to the Future) and small (Can’t Buy Me Love) that will likely be shared with new audiences for decades to come. However, Millennials (and now Gen Z-ers) likely aren’t as familiar with these films as the people who watched them when they first hit theatres.

We put that theory to the test by giving Deadly Class‘ Benjamin Wadsworth (Marcus) a ’80s movie quote quiz. Wadsworth has an advantage given that Deadly Class is actually set in the ’80s (they even did their own Breakfast Club-inspired episode this season), but does he know his Dirty Dancing from his Flashdance? Or his Karate Kid from his Kung Fu Panda? For his sake, let’s hope so. Feel to play along, and let us know what ’80s quotes we missed on Facebook (@SPACEchannel), Twitter (@SpaceChannel) , and Instagram (@spacechannel).

See how Wadsworth fared below, and watch full episodes of Deadly Class here.