Deadly Class Recap: Reagan Youth Is A Killer Series Debut


Starting a new school is never easy, but the difficulties of navigating those unfamiliar hallways are made all the more treacherous when your new high school is an academic institution for future assassins from legendary crime families. That’s how Deadly Class kicks off, with new kid Marcus dropped into the centre of all that lethal chaos (as if regular high school wasn’t vicious enough). But the school’s Master Lin sees something in Marcus— something, we can only assume, beyond the rumour that he was responsible for burning down the home for wayward boys he was sent to after his parents were both killed (thanks, President Reagan).

After not-so-politely declining the school’s initial offer to take him in, Marcus is convinced to enrol (following some encouragement from Saya, a cute co-ed on assignment from Lin to recruit him). But life at King’s Dominion isn’t easy. Marcus has no pedigree and no friends. His welcoming gift is a box full of dead rat, an indicator of his social status. The only kids who deign to talk to him are his fellow outcasts—the school’s other ‘rats.’ To make things worse, Marcus has somehow earned the attention of a very pretty classmate, Maria, who’s using him to create some distance between her and her murderous boyfriend, a violent ringleader she’d happily see dead.


Despite all the sudden turmoil, Marcus does have an end goal which his new school, should he survive it, might propel him to. Marcus wants to kill Ronald Reagan (he’s been holding a grudge since he was nine). But that’s a long way off—first, he’ll practice the deadly arts by doing away with the man who beat and robbed him while he was living on the streets. Lesson: never mess with a teenager’s walkman. It’s with this assignment (find someone who deserves to die and make it happen) that Marcus appears to connect with his first truly useful ally, a smart student who knows the ropes at King’s Dominion—the only downside is that Willie is a pacifist. At a school for assassins. And we thought Marcus had it bad.

The thing about alliances however, is that they tend to shift. Can Marcus actually trust anyone at King’s Dominion? From what we saw with Saya and Maria, we’d say… 100% no. And that’s exactly what makes the show so watchable. In a lethal world where everyone is looking out for number one, does trust even exist?

Watch the first episode of Deadly Class below for free, and become a student at King’s Dominion with our Deadly Class Facebook camera effect here.