Deadly Class Recap: How To Dance Inside A Snake Pit

Keep your head down, pick your battles, and get out before finals. That’s Prof. Jürgen Denke’s (aka Henry Rollins!) advice to the new kid, Marcus. Denke has lost faith in King’s Dominion, an organization he once believed would bring balance to a society divided between the have-nots and the have-everythings. Now, Denke tells Lin, they’re just catering to a large crop of privileged Legacy kids while the Rats struggle just to survive. It’s a microcosm of the class system they’d been trying to disrupt. The Legacy Dance, from which Rats are excluded, acts as the ultimate symbol of class privilege.

So Denke has decided to resign from his teaching post. Unfortunately, King’s Dominion teachers don’t get to resign—though they can be retired (it just isn’t the ‘Freedom 55’ package most Boomers dream of). A typical exit appears to involve a poisoned chalice and a battle to the death. Only Master Lin can’t quite go through with it. After the two men trash his office in a fight, Lin lets Denke go with a warning: they’ll come after you (right after they replace you with an actual psychopath).


As a prank war rages between the Legacy kids and the Rats, Marcus sticks to the high road, heeding Denke’s advice to strike when the time is right. Rat stew doesn’t turn his stomach and he’s happy to sit out the Legacy Dance and set off fireworks on the roof of the school instead… until Petra, a fellow Rat, returns from her date to the dance with Viktor, the dumb Russian jock she slept with at Shabnam’s party. His dance invitation was all set up so that Brandy Lynn and her inbred sorority sisters could drag Petra onstage to crown her Miss Rat 1987. That kind of cruelty, Marcus decides, deserves an epic payback.


Armed with blow guns loaded with Denke’s special ‘Mellow Yellow,’ the Rats descend on the dance to give the Legacy kids a well-deserved dose of their own medicine (starring Baba Yaga crotch torture hallucinations—don’t ask). In the chaos Chico finds yet another opportunity to take out Marcus, but Willie the pacifist steps in, taking his friendship with Marcus public despite Marcus’ Rat status. Aww (almost as ‘aww’ as Petra and Billy dancing to Chris de Burgh’s cloying “Lady in Red” at their own private post-Legacy dance).

It’s as though Deadly Class gives us our happy ending just so that it can take it away in the final scene. In this one, we see some random King’s Dominion kid opening a package covered in Chinese characters. Inside, he finds a substantial wad of cash and a photo… of Saya. Who sent it? And does it mean what we think it does? It’s getting harder and harder to trust anyone in this school.

Check out the full episode below, and become a student at King’s Dominion with our Deadly Class Facebook camera effect here.