Deadly Class Recap: Mirror People Pays Homage To An ’80s Icon


John Hughes meets Ichi The Killer in this week’s instalment of Deadly Class, where a twist of fate lands a mismatched group of kids in a Breakfast Club-esque situation… although one that’s slightly more deadly. Imagine Chico as Judd Nelson’s sh*t disturbing Bender, Saya as Molly Ringwald’s standoffish Claire Standish, Petra as (duh) Ally Sheedy’s goth girl Allison, and Viktor the Commie doing a warped take on Emilio Estevez’s archetypal jock bro.

A 48-hour detention is inconveniently timed with an attack inside the school by bloodthirsty Yakuza—which is what forces the teens into this awkward arrangement. It’s Saya’s life that’s most in danger, but we doubt these assassins would hesitate to kill the entire clique if push came to shiv. Assassins are good like that—just ask Petra and Viktor. Post-dance, tensions are already running high. If it means life or death, can these kids work together?

A break out (of detention) followed by a break in (to the confiscated items closet) leads to two students being seriously wounded while the rest remain trapped inside the school with Saya’s Yakuza cousins. Chico, ever the prince, saves himself while leaving the others to rot AND barring their only way out. Every d-bag for himself. Saya is captured, Marcus is knocked out cold, and Chico shows up in Maria’s room just in time to almost (phew!) catch her with her new get-the-hell-away-from-Chico passport. It’s only thanks to Master Lin that Saya and Marcus escape the Yakuza dudes with their lives.

As tense as this all is, it’s the two storylines that exist outside of the detention/Breakfast Club scenes that break your heart: Maria’s desperation to escape the long arm of Chico and his gang (with some help from Willie who apparently has connections in the fake passport production industry) and a look at Billy’s life outside of King’s Dominion go a long way in fleshing out these two characters. Billy is paying a gambling debt racked up by his father—and he’s paying for it with his entire life. Let’s see if his fury over this arrangement eventually leads to a Vegas road trip for Billy and Marcus.

Finally, back at casa de Shabnam, mom and dad return home to the nastiest of all surprises (and no, we’re not talking about the condoms in the aquarium). F*#%face (Marcus’ old boys home roommate, and yes that IS his name) and his brother (remember the creepy old dude at the high school house party?) have made themselves at home in the family room. And they are most definitely NOT family.

Check out the full episode below, and become a student at King’s Dominion with our Deadly Class Facebook camera effect here.