Deadly Class Recap: Saudade Is A Real Cartoon Trip


Road trip! This week the core Deadly Class crew packed their bags and headed to Vegas (baby) with a mission to put their King’s Dominion book-learning into practice… by killing Billy’s terribly abusive father. But the road trip is overshadowed by a drug trip and (since it’s the ‘80s) that drug of teens-gone-wild choice is acid. After being sold a fake batch, Marcus goes in hard for the real thing. While his pals restrain themselves to a single tab, Marcus takes seven. Let the messed up, trippy animation sequences begin! This is a comic book adaptation after all. Friendly chocolate pachyderm, anyone?

If you’re an optimist, you could look at the trip (both of them) as a success. Yes: Everyone gets high. Yes: Billy’s dad dies (we think… what was up with the blood disappearing from Marcus’ hands?). Marcus even wins big at the slot machines after finding himself locked out of his Big Top Circus-themed hotel room—though he does get busted by the cops and kicked out of the casino. Luckily, Vegas cops have more pressing issues to deal with. The low point of the trip is probably when Marcus’ former boys home roomie/stalker shows up in Vegas, all burn scars and bestiality, and freaks Marcus the f@#k out in an elevator. Later, this same creep will witness the gang’s second murder in the state of Nevada.

RIP, Chico we hardly knew you (and we hardly wanted to).


Chico dies by Maria’s own hand/fan, which is the way it should have been all along (this is her fight and she’s no shrinking violet). Now it seems like the path is clear for Maria to act on her crush on Marcus. And she does during the car ride home… without caring who sees. So: what will Saya think about this romantic development? Please tell us this storyline isn’t heading in the two-girls-competing-over-one-guy direction. Instead, let’s talk about the retribution that could be coming Maria’s way once Chico’s crew finds out about his murder. Who wants to bet that F@#kface will be the all-too happy bearer of this news? This could have ramifications for the entire road-tripping crew.

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