Deadly Class Recap: Stigmata Martyr And The Total Breakdowns (Is A Great Band Name)


This week’s episode is all about the fallout from last week’s double homicide, and while it may be light on plot development, it’s heavy on high school drama—the kind that’s far deadlier than what went down at any high school we went to (by at least a little bit). Master Lin’s disciplinary-loving sister Madame Gao has interrogated half the school to find out what happened to Chico, but no one is talking—even after she gives Maria a way out.

For us, this out is a way in to Maria’s backstory. It turns out that the reason Chico and Maria grew up together isn’t because they were a couple of friendly next-door neighbours, but because Chico murdered her father (to be fair, his dad ordered him to do it and his dad does not look like the kind of guy you’d want to cross). Chico’s family “adopted” Maria, sparing her the same fate. Now, Chico’s dad has placed the responsibility of finding his son’s killer on Maria’s shoulders. No wonder she’s cracking up and firing arrows at Marcus’ head.


While Marcus and Maria date in secret, her behaviour (and her refusal to take her bipolar meds) threaten to expose everyone that went along on that ill-fated Vegas road trip. That said, if Maria doesn’t accidentally blow their cover, F@#kface on-purpose will. He’s furious about the fact that Marcus took credit for burning down the boys home and believes that Marcus is currently living some kind of charmed existence that should rightfully be his. So he attempts to prove he’s a badass by making back alley snuff films to send to Phil Donahue. But he’s F@#kface, so he forgets to put a tape in the camera. Oh boy.

Still, there’s bad news waiting for Marcus: F@#kface is far more successful in his efforts to make his life hell. It’s been a month since Las Vegas and he’s been keeping Chico’s severed head on ice, just waiting for the moment he could use it to blackmail Marcus and his friends. By the end of the episode he’s given Marcus a deadline: find him in three days (psst! he’s at Shabnam’s place!) or else the head plus a helpful explanatory note gets sent to Chico’s dad and his murderous cartel. Which would be… very bad.


One piece of intriguing information that’s revealed this week is that King’s Dominion headmaster Lin has a secret life (and, it seems, his secret life has a secret life—what was the meaning behind his wife’s massive back tattoo?). We know a little bit about why Lin is hiding his family somewhere in the suburbs—after all, we’ve see how ruthless his sister, Madame Gao, can be. Is he protecting his wife and child? Or protecting himself from having any vulnerabilities that Gao might try to exploit?

Check out the full episode below, and become a student at King’s Dominion with our Deadly Class Facebook camera effect here.