Deadly Class Recap: How Do You Rise Above When You Don’t Know Which Way Is Up?


Letting people in is probably one of the hardest things that Marcus has had to do so far this season. That’s saying a lot, considering that this is a kid who’s been walking around with the guilt of having unintentionally assisted Chester (aka F#$kface) in kicking off his career as a sloppy serial killer. This is precisely the secret that Marcus finally confesses. After Chester forces his hand with an ultimatum, he turns to Saya for help in hunting him down before he can mail Chico’s head to his family. For backup, they enlist the Scorpio Slasher (a not-so-subtle send-up to the Zodiac Killer), who has been a “guest” of King’s Dominion for who knows how long and as a result of his captivity has a serious craving for burritos and ice cream. After deciding they might as well go for a soda, Marcus convinces him to help hunt down Chester.

Chester’s become a little lazy in his serial killing and has started sending out his hillbilly crew to do some of the dirty work. He soon realizes that if you want something done right, you have to get out there and do it yourself. Chico’s disembodied head has been a real asset when it comes to talking things like this through (he should really consider just keeping him around). So Chester rallies his rag-tag troops and heads out to do some murdering, starting at a dog shelter… which is exactly where Marcus’ pal Scorpio knew he’d go. Quick aside: both Scorpio and Chico’s talking head are true comedic gems. Never leave us.


In a showdown at the dog shelter, Scorpio handily disembowels one of Chester’s boys, but Chester himself gets away. And so that particular clock keeps ticking, despite the fact that Maria murdered Yukio in a bathroom stall in order to placate Chico’s father (and save her own skin following a visit from the cartel’s craziest assassin). The head is still out there, and if Chester is good to his word, there’s a shipping container in its future.

The future is looking pretty bleak for Master Lin too, whose secret family (including his young daughter, Naya) have been discovered by his super tough sister. Her devotion to the Guild, an organization that Lin’s family pledged their bloodline to three generations ago, is much stronger than Lin’s, and it looks as though his daughter is about to be sent straight to them… unless Lin is willing to take some seriously drastic steps.

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