Can The Doctor Save Earth From Expert Invaders? Just Watch Him

Bring it.

That’s the Doctor’s invitation to a horde of murderous aliens bent on scrubbing the Earth’s surface clean of all human life. (Honestly though, can you blame them? We haven’t been doing the best job running things here lately.) Luckily, the Doctor still believes in our potential to pull it together… eventually. So he’s stepping in (again) to try to save our skins in this sneak peek from next week’s episode.

Normally we wouldn’t say no to another ancient pyramid (think of the tourism revenues) but when a new one pops up suddenly in the middle of the desert, everyone’s a bit suspicious. Then there’s that fiery beam shooting out the top of it and the creepy voiceover announcing our planet’s impending doom. Sounds like those extremely unattractive robed invaders from ‘Extremis’. Oh, look, it is.

Which means they’ve been working on their mass extermination game for a long time. Can the Doctor beat them at it? Check out the clip below and make your bets.