Duelling Doctors Face Off In The New Who Christmas Special Promo

It’s two Doctors, one TARDIS in the first full clip from the upcoming Doctor Who Christmas Special, which features a major spoiler (but only if you’re from the very early 20th century). In the new clip, Peter Capaldi’s Twelve welcomes David Bradley’s One into his updated TARDIS. One, originally played by William Hartnell, is extremely disturbed by the updates that have been made to the iconic blue police box since his tenure ended many decades ago.

Will One even know how to drive the thing anymore? And what will he think about the remodelled swimming pool and the addition of all those squash courts (is it really necessary to have seven)?

If One’s surprise over where he is and who he’s with (himself, technically) is sizeable, it’s nothing compared to the shock of the third party joining them in the TARDIS. Check out the clip below and you’ll see what we mean.