This Doctor Who Comic Creator App Is Great For Everything Except Productivity

It’s been a whole four years since Doctor Who’s Amy and Rory met their end at the hands of killer statuary in “The Angels Take Manhattan” and we’re still wishing we could travel back in time and somehow avert the whole tragedy—even if the Doctor couldn’t. But the Doctor didn’t have the BBC’s Doctor Who: Comic Creator, an app that takes the storytelling power out of the hands of Who’s companion-killing showrunner Steven Moffat and gives it to fans.

The free app, available on both iTunes and Android, lets users create their own comic starring classic Who characters that include a selection of companions, bad guys, and several different Doctors. The app also comes with “A Stitch In Time”—a ready-made Who comic in which Clara and the Doctor confront a new enemy. New extras will become available to buy on a monthly basis. Warning: it’s a bit addictive.

Choose a layout and background and build your own story by adding speech bubble dialogue, sound effects, props, and a TARDIS or two. There’s only one TARDIS, you say? Not in our comic. The best part is the app’s Monster Maker, which lets you top the body of a Dalek with the head of a Cyberman or Judoon. Or maybe the best part is that you can make the Twelfth Doctor say the Tenth Doctor’s catchphrase or make Amy Pond as immortal as Me.


When you’ve finished your Who masterpiece, share it, read it for yourself using the app’s reader feature, or send screencaps of it to Chris Chibnall in an attempt to land a writing gig on the show’s 11th season.