Who Better Than The Doctor To Explain Einstein?

As a birthday gift, this one definitely beats a pair of socks: Albert Einstein’s theory of general relativity turned 100 years old this week and the Tenth Doctor joined other physics enthusiasts in the celebrations by narrating an awesome video on the subject.

Vancouver animator Eoin Duffy persuaded David Tennant to talk about the knack that objects with mass have for curving space and time. An example of one such object would be a TARDIS. Also, an apple. Tennant’s narration is accompanied by visuals that feature an animated Einstein and, amusingly, a sock (something the scientist was famous for never, ever wearing).


The three minute long clip begins with Tennant talking about how Einstein first combined the concepts of space and time to formulate “spacetime”—a topic all Time Lords are well-versed in. He then goes on to explain how his ideas about gravity led him to a larger theory about the beginning of the universe.

The video wraps up by pointing out that modern science has discovered that the universe is actually expanding at a more rapid rate than Einstein predicted—this is where the idea of the ominous sounding “dark energy” comes in. While Tennant doesn’t claim that this mysterious force is the work of the Daleks, he does say that the concept tends to keep physicists up at night. So they’ve been re-testing the theory of relativity. “If it succeeds again,” says Tennant, “physicists will party. If they find its limits and it finally fails, they’ll party too. Physicists are funny like that.” Now if Tennant could just explain what it was that Einstein had against socks.

Check out the video below.