13 Doctor Who Monsters Scarier Than The Daleks

What’s the big deal with Daleks? They’ve got the reputation as the Doctor’s deadliest enemy but are they really any scarier than R2-D2? Ok, so R2’s metal shell doesn’t house a one-eyed mutant devoid of all emotion and bent on universal domination (that we know of), but of all the Who monsters that might send you running for the TARDIS, the Daleks aren’t that high up on our list. There are far worse ways to die than from a zap of the Dalek death ray. Let us count them:



If you’re going to be scared of something in a tin can, make it a Cyberman. These guys will literally and physically steal your boyfriend and upgrade him against his will—upgrade, in this instance, being a euphemism. Far worse than a buggy iOS update, Cyberkindification involves a Dalek-like suppression of all human emotions—try refusing the upgrade and face becoming obsolete (read: dead). These guys are the Steve Job-iest Who monsters of all. Four times scarier than the Daleks.

The Beast


The Beast is a big, red, horned demon that lives in a fiery pit and is older than time. So: the devil. He’s the model for every evil thing in the universe. You’re not afraid of an actual Satan? Check your pulse. Six six six times scarier than a Dalek.

Peg Dolls


These Victorian-era Chuckys are no child’s play. Their sing-song voices, decrepit features, and ability to turn you into one of them just by touching you make them one of creepiest Who monsters, as well as a terrible gift to bring to a child’s birthday party. (Pro tip: kids don’t think vintage stuff is “cool” they think it’s “old” and “crappy” and “not an iPad”.) Twice as scary as a Dalek, half as scary as six-year-old who’s had too much cake.

The Empty Child


NO, I AM NOT YOUR MUMMY! Six times as scary as a Dalek if you want kids, eight times as scary if you don’t.

The Flood


This one hits a little too close to home, considering that actual scientists have, as of late, discovered actual water on Mars. Imagine never being warm and dry again—also, your face is rotting off your head and you’ve developed a new, all-consuming interest in converting every being you see into a mindless zombie like yourself. The Flood is a monster that can infect via a single drop of water. JUST. ONE. DROP. Seven times as scary as a Dalek.

The Silence


Borrowed Agent Smith suit and Edvard Munch ‘The Scream’ face aside, these highly original monsters play on our fear of forgetting our phone and/or keys and amplify it times a thousand. Just like the way you forget to pack that one crucial item as soon as it leaves your field of vision, any memory of the danger imposed by The Silence disappears the second you look away from them. Think of it this way: you’d know if you’d seen a Dalek in real life—if you’d encountered The Silence, you’d have no idea. Nine times scarier than the Daleks.

The Midnight Entity


Speaking of a fear of the unseen, David Tennant’s Doctor must go up against an invisible copycat who, through the body of a human space tourist, adopts the habits of an incredibly irritating first-grader: repeating everything you say. It’s weirdly unnerving. Also unnerving is the idea that this is a monster the Doctor had no previous knowledge of. It’s nameless and other than when it possesses a human host, shapeless too. We also don’t know if, in the end, the Entity was actually defeated. Three times scarier than a Dalek.

The Vashta Nerada


You can see the Vashta Nerada. Sort of. Their shadows can be spotted gliding across the floor wherever light hits it. But it’s in the darkness where they thrive, feasting on the flesh of other living creatures, including humans that you’d think would be protected by their spacesuits. Six times as scary as the Daleks.

The Abzorbaloff


Okay, the Abzorbaloff may be more Fat Bastard than Hannibal Lecter but he’s the most physically repulsive monster the show has ever dreamed up. If body horror freaks you out, then this monster is at least four times scarier than a Dalek.

The Slitheen


Like an alien mafia, the Slitheen work in groups, shrinking into human skinsuits and insinuating themselves into positions of power on earth. The goal: destroy the planet and sell off the remnants for scrap. The question is, are they more frightening when they’re wearing the skins of earthly politicians or when they aren’t? Two times scarier than Daleks.

The Weeping Angels


The Angels are what finally spelled the end for Amy and Rory (aka the best Who companions of all time). They’re simple to defeat—unless you’re partial to blinking. If you, like most humans, tend to open and close your eyes occasionally, then you’re finished. Even if you’re a staring contest champion, the Angels have a knack for cutting the lights and descending on you in the pitch black, eyes open or no. 11 times as scary as the Daleks.

The Axons


Hideous, energy-sucking parasites in the guise of golden gods? And they’ve stolen a TARDIS? That’s what the Third Doctor had to contend with when he encountered the Axons back in 1971. We haven’t seen them since, but Peter Capaldi has called them his favourite Who monster—so could they be making a comeback? Shudder. Three times scarier than the Daleks.

The Doctor


The debate over whether the Doctor is a good man or a monster was reignited during his most recent encounter with the Daleks’ creator, Davros. In it, his history with a young Davros was revealed, raising the question: if the Doctor’s actions made Davros what he is, then is the Doctor to blame for the Daleks? An idea that’s one hundred times scarier than anything.