The Doctor’s Getting A New Companion

Devoted Doctor Who fans know that following the show comes with the sting of losing a companion and/or Doctor every few seasons. They also know the manic speculation and excitement that leads up to the selection of a new one. Guess what? It’s that time again. The Twelfth Doctor is getting a new companion.

This afternoon, we’ll reveal who the lucky new space-and-time traveller will be. The announcement’s going to be made during the live broadcast of a soccer match at 1:15pm ET, so keep your eyes on and our lovely Facebook and Twitter feeds.

Since the drawn-out death of Jenna Coleman’s Clara in last season’s “Face the Raven,” we’ve had two regular Who episodes, a River Song-led Christmas special, and five months to recover. And with Coleman off playing Queen Victoria, there’s no reason to feel guilty about guessing the identity of her successor… so here goes:

Clara was someone we already knew, a guest-star-turned-companion to Matt Smith’s Eleventh Doctor. Karen Gillan also had a small role in a previous episode of Who. Will the new companion also be a familiar name? Like… Maisie Williams? The Who team did wish her happy birthday on Instagram recently. As far as we can tell, only Time Lords and (potential?) companions get that kind of special treatment.

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Or what about Osgood? She/they hit it off with the Doctor immediately. That kind of instant connection has to count for something.


Then again, maybe the new companion won’t be female. We haven’t seen a male companion since Rory, and his ticket to the TARDIS really only came courtesy of Amy.


The leading fan theory is that the role will go to EastEnders star Rakhee Thakrar. Casting her would mean bringing someone completely new into the cast, which gels with the way Peter Capaldi has described the new companion. “We have someone who knows very little about the Doctor,” he revealed in a recent interview.

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Whoever it is, we’ll be waiting until the spring of 2017 to see them onscreen due to a delay in the show’s standard shooting schedule. Steven Moffat has promised a new Christmas special for next December to help ease the pain. Until then, we’ll just have to be patient.