Pump Up The Volume, Doctor Who Is Getting A New Theme Song


If you hate humidity and love Doctor Who, you’re probably already looking forward to autumn, when the ‘feels like 42 degrees’ weather takes a hike and the Doctor (lucky number 13, Jodie Whittaker) returns to television. We feel you. We’re sweating out this summer by tracking down Who news in preparation for the show’s return. Here’s the latest: the series will be getting a new composer to score each episode.

There have already been some major updates to the show (like, besides a whole new Doctor). A new logo debuted earlier this year, giving us a chance to ooh, ahh, argue, and complain over the change online for hours. The Doctor herself got a new gender and a new feel for fashion. The TARDIS is no longer a police box but a smartphone charging station, the kind you might find in an airport.

Okay, okay. We’re kidding about that last one. But the composer news is genuine. Londoner Segun Akinola has been hired by the BBC to create “an exciting and emotional score beckoning in a new era for the show, including a fresh take on the legendary theme tune.”

New theme song?!?! Deep breaths, everyone. This is a lot of change all at once. But Akinola is said to be a rising star among British composers. In a press release, new showrunner (we know, we know… more new) Chris Chibnall said: “We’re over the moon Segun’s agreed to join us, to provide the score for the next phase of the Doctor Who adventure. From our very first conversations, it was obvious Segun was a passionate, collaborative and delightful human being as well as a fantastic and bold composer.  We’re looking forward to introducing the world to his exciting and emotional soundtracks for the Thirteenth Doctor.”

Akinola himself is also psyched to be joining the Who crew. In an official statement, he explained that “Doctor Who is woven into the fabric of British culture and recognised globally. I am absolutely thrilled to be given the privilege of working on such a beloved series and to bring my musical voice to it.” We don’t know when we’ll get a chance to listen to Akinola’s exciting new theme song for the first time, but with any luck it’ll be before Doctor Who Season 11 premieres later this year.