Something’s Coming For Earth In This Doctor Who Clip… Something Big

Another episode of Doctor Who, another plot to take over the Earth—only this one seems quite credible, otherwise why would the Doctor be turning to one of his greatest enemies for help?

The seconds-long promo clip for next week’s Season 10 instalment heralds the return of a very familiar face: Michelle Gomez in her role as fellow rogue Time Lord, The Mistress. (Aka Missy—don’t let the cutesy moniker fool you, she’s a heartless, power-hungry killer, remember? God, we’ve missed her.)

Is it really this current incarnation of the Master that the Doctor begs to fight alongside him in a battle with these scaly, nonsecular-seeming invaders and their big book of Veritas? (That’s “truth” for those of you who flunked 11th grade Latin.) What’s she been up to and how can she possibly be of help? Can the Doctor be certain she’s not in collusion with the bad guys? And by the way, who’s in the vault? It feels as though we’re achingly close to finding out.

In the meantime, check out this clip from the upcoming episode to get a look at the next monster that Bill and the Doctor are up against.

Nardole’s in there somewhere, too.