The Doctor Faces Her Greatest Enemy In The New Year’s Day Special, Resolution


The Daleks’ 2019 resolution? Take over Earth (and wipe out everyone who lives there) once and for all—after just a brief, 10-century-long delay.

The Doctor and Team TARDIS have their work cut out for them in the New Year’s Day Who special. After Chris Chibnall’s “no classic monsters” first season, the Doctor’s deadliest foe is back… or, at least a scrap metal version of it, anyway. It’s always been a heavy lift for each new Doctor to convince an audience that yes, these slow moving rubbish bins with weapons that look like arcane kitchen utensils are truly a threat to humanity, but both Chibnall (who wrote this episode) and Jodie Whittaker make us believe (the brief scene where the episode’s single Dalek decimates an entire British military unit in seconds goes a long way).

The episode opens on an ancient battlefield with only a few warriors left standing. They’ve defeated something fearsome—but only just. To ensure this enemy cannot threaten the planet again, it is split into three pieces and taken to three far-flung locations across the globe where it RIP’d until a pair of British archeologists woke it up with their ultraviolet lights. ‘It’ is a particularly dangerous class of Dalek: a reconnaissance scout sent to our planet to collect data about us and broadcast if back to Skaro so that the Dalek fleet can know how to best exterminate us.


Naturally, it’s Team TARDIS to the rescue. The Doctor quickly deduces that her oldest enemy has hitched a ride on the body of one of the two archaeologists and is using her as its puppet. As the armourless Dalek scrambles to build itself a casing, the Doctor and her companions fight against time and a crippled TARDIS navigation system to track down the Dalek, save the hijacked archaeologist, and, on top of all that, reconcile Ryan with his dad (while giving him the proper amount of grief for being an absentee parent). During all this chaos, Kate Stewart and UNIT are nowhere to be found (blame Brexit budget cuts for that one).

The scrap metal Dalek is on the verge of phoning home to invite its hateful pals to the extermination party when the Doctor and her companions show up to spoil its fun. Using a microwave oven Ryan’s dad has been carting around, they wire the Dalek to cook from the inside out—just before it can broadcast its damning message. After a final, harrowing fight with the Dalek, who, out of its casing, attaches itself to Ryan’s unsuspecting dad, Team TARDIS claims victory over the squid-like alien when it’s sucked out the door of the ship and into a sun going supernova. The Doctor and her friends get to kick off 2019 with a Who happy ending. Next stop? Everywhere.


Check out “Resolution” below, or watch it here.