The Doctor Who Season 10 Trailer Has Landed

While you’re getting ready to watch Doctor Who’s super-themed Christmas special tonight at 9e 6p, here’s a little something to help pass the time.

Did we say little? We actually meant HUGE. As in, we’ve got the Season 10 trailer right here, right now!

Well, that was something. After watching it, like, a dozen times and scrutinizing every frame, here are the 10 most awesome highlights.


1. More intel on the Doctor’s new companion

She serves chips, asks a lot of questions, and is about to get really, really good at running.



2. More Nardole

Post-Christmas Special re-assembling, it seems Nardole and his duffle coat have achieved full companion status.



3. New monsters

Wet ones and very, very dry ones.



4. Daleks, naturally

So deadly. So hard to take seriously.



5. Period costumes

For that Doctor Who/Downton Abbey mashup you never knew you wanted.



6. New worlds

Always the best part of travelling with the Doctor.



7. A Blue Man Group cameo

Yeah, we can’t resist ‘90s nostalgia either.



8. These guys

Very smiley, very friendly-looking, and therefore, probably very heartless killers.



9. Sonic sunglasses AND the sonic screwdriver

To satisfy both the Who purists and the fans who think sonic Ray-Bans are rad (plus totally practical).



10. A TARDIS control panel closeup

Buttons. Levers. Knobs. Swoon.