7 Big Doctor Who Changes We’re Super Excited About


By now, every Whovian in the Whoniverse is vibrating with anticipation for this Sunday’s game-changing premiere. With so much newness coming to the show, will it still be the Doctor Who we’ve known and loved for so long? Or will it be… even better? With a fresh logo and an awesome new theme song (one that riffs on the very first Who tune) as evidence of the series’ upwards trajectory, we’re looking forward to the changes—especially these ones:

1. A New Time


Get your socializing done on Saturday, because new episodes of Who will now air on Sunday nights (catch the premiere at 1:45PM e 10:45AM e this Sunday, October 7 and again at 8e 5p). Showrunner Chris Chibnall has this advice: “Get everybody’s homework done, sort out your Monday clothes, then grab some special Sunday night popcorn, and settle down with all of the family for Sunday night adventures across space and time. (Also, move the sofa away from the wall so parents can hide behind it during the scary bits). The Thirteenth Doctor is falling from the sky and it’s going to be a blast.”

2. New Companions


A lucky trio of future time and space travellers are about to join the Doctor on her adventures. In case you haven’t already, meet: Graham (Bradley Walsh), Yasmin (Mandip Gill), and Ryan (Tosin Cole). Word is that the Doctor’s new friends will be the source of some extra drama this season. Find out a little more about them here.

3. A TARDIS Upgrade


The first episode of the new season sees the Doctor fall from the sky over Sheffield, England, sans TARDIS. Where is it? We don’t know—but we do know that the TARDIS got a makeover. Will there be WiFi? iPhone jacks? An handy sonic screwdriver holder?

Speaking of which, the sonic’s been redesigned, too. “It’s a privilege to have been asked to redesign the iconic sonic screwdriver for the Thirteenth Doctor and a new generation of audiences,” said production designer Arwel Jones, “I can’t wait for people to see how the Doctor acquires it!”

4. A New Showrunner


Fans of Broadchurch and Who spinoff Torchwood can rest assured that the show is in good hands with Chris Chibnall, who isn’t exactly new to the Whoniverse. Chibnall has written several past episodes of Doctor Who and he’s expected to pen nearly half of the stories we see this season—a season that will be 10 episodes long, plus the traditional Christmas Special (is it even Christmas without Doctor Who? Not on our planet). Another thing to keep in mind is that the arrival of Chibnall also means the arrival of all new monsters. That’s right, no Cybermen, no Angels, and *gasp* NO DALEKS?!

5. New Writers


Chibnall has wrangled a team of writers who’ve never worked on Doctor Who before… in fact, they’ve never done sci-fi before. Yet our fearless new showrunner remains confident: “Hailing from a range of backgrounds, tastes and styles, here’s what unites them: they are awesome people as well as brilliant at their job. (It matters!) They love Doctor Who. And they’ve all worked above and beyond the call of duty in an effort to bring audiences something special.”

6. A New Cinematic Look


A fancy new gear upgrade gave the Doctor Who cinematography team an edge when it came to the look of the series—and it was no accident. The BBC invested in the new tech with the specific goal of making Who a slicker, more visually satisfying production.

7. A New Doctor


The Thirteenth Doctor is also the first female Time Lord to helm the TARDIS—and this is the change we’re most excited about. Jodie Whittaker told Radio Times that “the pressure on any actor coming into the role—man or woman—is huge because they’re big boots to fill, and for me there’s been 12 pairs of boots.” We can’t wait to see what she does with hers.