Doctor Who Special Takes Twelve On A Timey-Wimey Trip Down Memory Lane

Doctor Who

It’s the “End of an Era.” As you might have heard once or twice by now, Doctor Who is saying goodbye not only to the Twelfth Time Lord to pilot the police box-shaped TARDIS, but to showrunner Steven Moffat as well.

In the lead up to the Christmas Special grand finale, Who fans are getting a chance to go back and revisit the pair’s most memorable contributions to the show (while witnessing the evolution of Peter Capaldi’s ever-expanding hairdo) in a new 30-minute special titled “The End of An Era.”

The show will document Twelve’s 39-episode trip through time and space, from the point when he ditched the bow tie and fuzzy fez for well-tailored top coats and sonic Ray Bans to the ending we’ve all been waiting for with heavy hearts: his regeneration.

Check out the promo clip for the upcoming half-hour special (debuting on December 25, right before the Doctor Who Christmas episode, “Twice Upon A Time”)