Star Wars Fans Find A Secret Message Hidden In The Newest Episode of Doctor Who

Seems even the industry professionals behind Doctor Who have gone Star Wars crazy. With the release date for The Force Awakens drawing ever nearer, last Saturday’s episode of Who featured a timely reference to the franchise, spotted only by the keenest of observers.


In “Face the Raven,” a scene close to the episode’s halfway point sees Clara attempting to convince her pal Rigsy to transfer his tattoo death curse to her to while standing in front of a strange poster decorated with the letters of an unfamiliar alphabet. Unfamiliar, that is, to anyone not fluent in Aurebesh, the language of common folk from a galaxy far, far away.


Star Wars fanatics were quick to recognize the script even if they weren’t all capable of translating it. But when a translator was found, it was discovered that the Aurebshian (Aurebeshi?) message was directed at fans of an entirely different iconic film franchise.


The message spelled out the word ‘DeLorean’—Doc Brown’s own (perhaps TARDIS-inspired) time travel machine from Back To The Future. Exactly what are the showrunners at Doctor Who trying to tell us with this multilayered sci-fi reference? That mystery has yet to be decoded.

Is it a simple shout out to fellow time-and-space travellers or a clue to the Doctor’s fate? When we last left him, the future seemed uncertain on a lot of levels—even to the Doctor. Perhaps it has no hidden meaning at all. Could it be that Steven Moffat is just really looking forward to December 18?

Whatever the case, it’s not as though this is the only Who-related questions fans were left with after watching the latest episode. The exit of Jenna Coleman leaves a companion-sized hole in the show and theories about who will fill it are already percolating.