Doom Patrol Recap: Two Doom Patrol Patrols For The Price Of One


Doom Patrol, meet Doom Patrol (who’s confused?). When one of Jane’s personalities takes Rita and Larry to what appears to be a school for budding supers, they meet Joshua, an old associate of Niles Caulder’s. Rita, too, comes face to face with someone she used to know (and date): Steve Dayton, also known as Mento. It was Dayton who helped Rita regain control over her plastic parts. That was before a broken promise and a dark secret ruined their romance.

Mr. Nobody sent Jane to find the Doom Patrol (the original incarnation), and she has—only they’re no longer as super as they appear. While Rita gets reacquainted with her old flame and Larry takes a tour of the (fake) facilities, Jane interrogates Joshua, who seems to be in a hurry to get the trio to leave. After taking her to see her old room (wait, what?) Joshua tells Jane that he not only knows her but Niles, too, and that Niles knows the original Doomies.


More importantly, the Doom Patrol knows Mr. Nobody—and that’s exactly why he sent Jane to meet them. The former heroes live under a grand illusion held together by Mento’s psychic powers. But it’s a fantasy. The reality is that their face-off with Mr. Nobody destroyed them, and they’ve been in Joshua’s care ever since. Mento uses the visit as a chance to get back at Rita and torture all three visitors using their own memories and fears. As a side effect, the fantasy world the Doom Squad lives in crumbles and they’re revealed to be defeated, old, and mentally ill. Their current situation is a result of the devastating battle they fought against Mr. Nobody. Spoiler alert: they lost. Sending Jane to find them was a warning.

Back at Doom Manor, Silas is visiting to do some repairs on Vic’s arm—which means he has to power him down. That terrifies Vic, so he asks Cliff to keep an eye on Silas while he works. Silas, however, seems to do the job honestly, even telling him he’s willing to hand control over to Vic. Hmm. To show his appreciation, Vic sets up a social media account for Cliff so that he can see his daughter’s profile… which doesn’t go so well.


5 questions we have about this week’s episode of Doom Patrol:

1. Why did Caulder leave Jane in Joshua’s care? Did he give up hope at some point?

2. When and how did Jane leave the original, broken Doom Patrol behind? Why can’t she remember?

3. Where did Niles find Joshua? What powers does he have? Will we be seeing him again?

4. What’s behind the newly unlocked door in Doom Manor? What will Jane find there?

5. Did Caulder keep Cliff’s daughter a secret precisely because she’s grown up in the care of the man Cliff hates most in the world?

Check out the full episode below: