Doom Patrol Recap: Admiral Whiskers’ Therapy Patrol


Even super-powered metahumans have to talk about their feelings sometimes, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. Or pretty. Or that the library doesn’t get smashed up. Talk therapy is Cliff’s idea to bypass Mr. Nobody’s knack for messing with their heads. If everything is out in the open and dealt with, he can’t use their secrets against them or turn them against each other. It’s a solid idea, but executing it isn’t as easy as it sounds.

A look back at each Doomie roomie’s childhood sheds some light on what’s shaped them: Larry’s parents were ashamed of his sexuality. Cliff’s father treated his mother badly. Vic’s mother seemed to teach him not to trust his father. Jane was neglected. Rita doesn’t know who she really is and still can’t talk about a horrible, baby-related thing she once did.


Everyone has baggage, but this team needs to unload theirs if they want to find their Chief. This can’t be a repeat of what Mr. Nobody did to the original Doom Patrol. So Larry goes deep into his past (courtesy of the spirit) and finally gets it right with his boyfriend, admitting why he’d been too scared to pursue their relationship out in the open. And admitting that he’s lonely, despite the fact that his body is double-booked.

Vic’s revelation is equally impactful—he tells the group about the accident that destroyed parts of his body and killed his mother. But he also talks about his distrust for his father, and suspects that his father doesn’t trust him. This opens the door for the Hangman’s Daughter to show off some of her work.. that painting that portrays Cyborg making some serious chaos. What does it mean, and what does it mean that this image is what Nobody showed her inside the donkey?

It’s Cliff, however, that’s in the worst shape before/during/after therapy. Glitches in his system make him see his daughter and his rival instead of reality. Which is when things get smashy. Vic subdues him and we find out that a rat, egged on by Mr. Nobody, has been messing with his wiring. Though the rat had its reasons.


5 questions we have about this week’s episode of Doom Patrol:

1. What did Jane destroy in Caulder’s lab? What’s been lost to her tantrum?

2. Is Cliff going to be okay?!? Who will fix him with Caulder gone MIA?

3. Why was Jane the only one who refused to share a story during the squad’s therapy session? How dark and difficult is her past?

4. What is the significance of the painting the Hangman’s Daughter made? What does it mean for everyone’s future?

5. Will Jane’s distrust of the Chief be an obstacle? She is part of the squad who’s trying to rescue him, after all.

Check out the full episode below: