Doom Patrol Recap: The New Kid IS The Block In Danny Patrol


The Bureau of Normalcy sounds innocent enough—like a bunch of government officials charged with keeping things at an even keel. Maybe they make sure there’s always enough 2% milk in the grocery store or that people continue to drive on the proper side of the street. But that’s not what they do, not at all. Instead, the Bureau stalks, hunts, and destroys anything they deem to fall outside their straight and narrow rules for regularity (and yes, we do mean that literally). That’s what put Danny, a sentient, genderqueer street with the ability to transport themselves anywhere in the world, on the Bureau’s list of so-called aberrations. And with the Bureau getting ever-closer, Danny looks to Niles for help. Vic and Larry are the ones to answer the call, however, being not currently kidnapped by Mr. Nobody.

Larry has an, uhh, electrifying history with the Bureau and is hesitant to step in once he finds out they’re involved (even after being shown the freedom that magic karaoke can bring). But Vic, perpetually in Justice League tryouts mode, refuses to back down. Working with a former Bureau agent who found his true self in Danny and decided to stay, Vic stands his ground and prepares for a fight as agents invade Danny. When the street refuses to keep running, everyone that lives there comes out to show their support. Former Agent Wilson, now a cabaret superstar worthy of RuPaul’s Drag Race, kicks some serious butt (and a bit of face) before Larry finally finds the courage to step up and face his demons. The Bureau tortured him once before and he has a message for them. Serving King Tut realness, Larry hisses “Tell them Captain Trainor sends his best.”


Over at Doug’s house (who’s Doug you ask? He’s Karen’s mega-boring boyfriend, silly!) there’s a painfully awkward family dinner taking place and Rita has a front row seat. Not that she asked for it. While Cliff is made to wait out on the porch, having robot dance battles with a neighbourhood kid (adorbs!), Rita is inside watching one of Jane’s personalities cast love spells on Doug and his parents.

Karen, Jane’s blondest personality, has dumped and gotten back together with Doug dozens of times, and his family isn’t having it. And then they are, after she zaps them with her scary blue eyes. It takes Cliff (and his unzappable robot head) to break the spell and release Hammerhead, but when he does, Jane falls apart. We leave her sitting catatonic in Doug’s living room, unable to answer Rita or Cliff. 


5 questions we have about this week’s episode of Doom Patrol:

1. Where is the Ant Farm and what are they up to there? Why was Larry handed over to them?

2. What exactly did the Ant Farm and/or the Bureau of Normalcy use Larry’s energy spirit for?

3. Was there anything more terrifying in this episode than Karen’s horrible blonde eyebrows?

4. What will the comic book that Danny give Vic reveal about Niles and what Mr. Nobody has done with him?

5. Jane? Jane? Is anybody left in there?

Check out the full episode below: