Doom Patrol Recap: Cliff Goes On A Solo Mission In Jane Patrol


Jane has gone deep into the Underground, a New York subway-like system where she and her other 63 personalities hang out when they’re not on the surface (aka running Jane’s body). With Jane down there and refusing to go back up, there’s no one at the switch. She’s unconscious and unresponsive to anything the rest of the squad says… until Larry’s Negative Man does his thing and somehow puts Cliff’s brain inside of Jane’s. It’s a rescue mission like no other.

Down there in the train tunnels of Jane’s noggin, her other personalities are trying to force her to return to the surface in order to maintain some sort of balance. Jane agrees to go… but then she pulls the emergency break on the subway ride up, essentially stalling her return. She doesn’t see the point in going back, and she’s tired of shouldering most of the burden on her own.


Cliff, however, still believes in her, and after a brief stint in brain jail (courtesy of Hammerhead) he breaks out and goes looking. Running into Penny (who doesn’t stutter in the Underground), Cliff finds out that the Three Sisters have sent Jane to the Well to look for answers. The Well, says Penny, is not a nice place—it’s where they lost Miranda, another one of Kay’s primary personalities. Penny fears that Jane might meet the same fate, so even after Jane tells Cliff to f@#k off, he continues to follow her to the well as Kay’s shared memories get darker and darker.

Finding her standing on the edge of the Well, Cliff sees Jane’s darkest memory: it’s Kay’s childhood and the abuse she suffered at the hands of her father. It’s also Jane’s origin story. The abuse is the reason Kay’s mind created Jane. Cliff rushes towards the father/monster that emerges from the Well, trying to fight him off for Jane’s sake, and his sacrifice is the thing that finally snaps her out of her terrified stupor. She confronts her fear and it crumbles. Back on the surface, it would seem as though Jane has made an epic breakthrough… but it’s not to be.


5 questions we have about this week’s episode of Doom Patrol:

1. Um, so the negative energy dude put Cliff inside Jane’s head… what else can he do?!?!

2. After what he did for her, is Jane finally going to be able to let Cliff in in some kind of real way? Does she trust him now?

3. So, the lab was a mess when Jane and Cliff returned… what exactly happened while they were gone?

4. Has Cliff finally accepted who he is now? Will this change the way he feels about tracking down his daughter?

5. Why has the voice of Jane’s father stayed with her even after this Cliff-fuelled exorcism? Is there someone else in her head?

Check out the full episode below: