Edward Norton Explains Why He Left The MCU After Just One Film


11 years after its release, Iron Man stands as one of the most industry-changing movies in recent memory. This film was responsible for launching the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but just six weeks later fans had a chance to experience another MCU vehicle: The Incredible Hulk. In spite of the film’s respectable box office performance, star Edward Norton quickly departed the MCU—for reasons that have always remained somewhat mysterious. However, in a recent interview with The New York Times, he attempted to set the record straight.

“I loved the Hulk comics,” Norton said. “I believed they were very mythic. And what Chris Nolan had done with Batman was going down a path that I aligned with: long, dark, and serious. If there was ever a thing that I thought had that in it, it was the Hulk. It’s literally the Promethean myth. I laid out a two-film thing: the origin and then the idea of Hulk as the conscious dreamer, the guy who can handle the trip. And they were like, ‘That’s what we want!’ As it turned out, that wasn’t what they wanted. But I had a great time doing it. I got on great with Kevin Feige.”

According to Norton, there was more to this falling out than creative differences. They also clashed over time and money. “We had positive discussions about going on with the films, and we looked at the amount of time that would’ve taken, and I wasn’t going to do that,” the actor explained. “I honestly would’ve wanted more money than they’d have wanted to pay me.”

To see where Norton’s one MCU effort ultimately landed, check out the trailer for The Incredible Hulk below.