Angry Game Of Thrones Fans Redeem Themselves With Fundraiser


As Game of Thrones came to an end earlier this month, some of the show’s most devoted (and hypercritical) fans condemned the conclusion and created a petition, demanding a remake of the show’s eighth and final season. Even if this campaign is something of a joke, over 1.5 million signatures have been added to date, suggesting that the negativity of the show’s admirers is not limited to a vocal minority.

Concerned that fan appreciation for Game of Thrones is being lost in the process, Reddit user elle_ellaria launched a fundraiser to raise money for cast member Emilia Clarke’s SameYou, a charity the actress launched to help people recover from brain injury and stroke—after suffering two life-threatening brain aneurysms of her own. In her Reddit post, elle_ellaria elaborated on this attempt at fan redemption. “There’s been so much negativity flying around, especially with that petition gaining traction,” she wrote. “I thought maybe we could do something really decent that can make a difference in peoples’ lives, and show a little love for one cast member in particular.”

As of this morning, this campaign has raised an impressive £34,000. In response, its originator has elaborated on her affection for Clarke. “I have a great deal of love and respect for Emilia Clarke, especially since opening up about her health struggles,” she told Entertainment Weekly. “In interviews after the finale, she spoke about how much of herself she put into her character, and how upset she was at the prospect of people hating Daenerys… the fundraiser [was] kind of to let her know, ‘Hey, don’t worry. We stand by Daenerys, too.’”

While Game of Thrones has come to an end, the fundraiser is still going strong. To make your contribution, click here.