Google Has Invented A Way To Undo Your Online Mistakes



What’s the only thing worse than a drunk text? A drunk email, of course. See also: accidental email, email to the wrong person, or email that sent too quickly. One wrong move, and it’s like, Noooo, why did I do that!?!

Google understands this common quandary of the twenty-first century, so the Internet Powers That Be have invented a way to reverse that email you really, really didn’t want—or need—to send.

Finally, the “Undo Send” feature for Gmail is here—Huzzah!

Today (June 23), Google announced it would be adding the “Undo Send” option to its web-based Gmail (the mobile Inbox app will also have the feature). Now, even after you’ve hit “Send,” you have a delay time between 5 and 30 seconds to change your mind. And we’ve ALL been there.

To make sure the feature is ready to go, click on your Gmail Settings and check “Enable Undo Send.”

Sometimes, you can reverse your mistakes. Thanks, Google!