Hayley Atwell Doesn’t Want To Be On Doctor Who, She Wants To BE Doctor Who

hayley atwell

Want to be the next Doctor? Get in line. Agent Carter’s Hayley Atwell has already added her name to the waiting list. Emphasis on the word “waiting” because fans of Doctor Who have been doing just that (since 1963 actually) when it comes to the show putting a woman at the helm of the TARDIS.

Sure, River Song is a superior pilot of the big blue police box and yes, we’ve met female Time Lords in the past. S’up Missy?


But Doctors One through Twelve have yet to regenerate into a body with ovaries, etc. However, when one finally does (one finally will, right?) Atwell would like it to be her.


During a spontaneous airport Twitter chat with the actor held earlier this week she was asked the following question by a fan:

And she answered:

That’s right, Atwell’s not looking for companionship. Nothing less than a (Time) Lordship will do. It’s not really a surprise coming from the woman who plays Marvel’s groundbreaking, stereotype-busting secret agent Peggy Carter. We can totally see her trading in her gun for a sonic screwdriver to play the Thirteenth Doctor.