5 Reasons Everyone Loves Inside Out


Photo Credit: Disney

As of this writing, 98 per cent of critics on Rotten Tomatoes have come out in favour of Pixar’s latest insta-classic, Inside Out. While unanimous praise is nothing new for the studio, the enthusiasm this time around is off the charts, even by Pixar standards. People love Inside Out for all kinds of reasons, but we narrowed it down a little.

1. It’s not a sequel

A full three years have passed since Pixar’s last original (Brave), which came three years after the double whammy of WALL·E and Up. In other words, Pixar was long overdue for a reminder of what it does best.

2. It breaks expectations

Even kids grow tired of the predictable cheer and innocence found in most animated movies, which may explain why Inside Out breaks the mold. Rather than treat Sadness as a villain, the filmmakers treat it as a perfectly normal part of a balanced life. Does that make you sad? Good!

3. It pushes animation to the limit

As Slate‘s Dana Stevens explains, “only in the medium of animation could a conceit as elaborate as Inside Out’s be dramatized, and only animation this well-designed and executed could bring such a story so vibrantly to life.” So yes, it’s better than Herman’s Head.


4. It’s emotionally intellectual

A.O. Scott of The New York Times explains that Inside Out is “almost entirely populated by abstract concepts moving through theoretical space,” but adds that its exploration of emotions is both intellectual and, well, emotional (aka you might cry).

5. Every emotion is funny

While crying is possible, laughter is virtually guaranteed, thanks in part to the five comedy veterans playing the film’s central emotions: Lewis Black (Anger), Bill Hader (Fear), Mindy Kaling (Disgust), Amy Poehler (Joy), and Phyllis Smith (Sadness).

Process all these emotions and more in the trailer below.