Jamie Lee Curtis Hints At The Plan For Her ‘Sensational’ Halloween Sequels


As we reported back in July, Jamie Lee Curtis and director David Gordon Green are re-teaming for Halloween Kills and Halloween Ends, a pair of sequels to last year’s blockbuster Halloween revival. In a recent interview with Collider, Curtis made it clear why she elected to return: “What I love that David and [co-writer] Danny [McBride] and company did is they connected the dots for forty years. Now they’re going back to really unpack the first movie, bringing back all those characters whose lives were affected by what happened in 1978.”

Based on the conclusion of last year’s Halloween, it’s not hard to imagine where Halloween Kills might start, but Halloween Ends is a more mysterious proposition. However, according to Curtis, you have nothing to fear (except Michael Myers), as she has complete confidence in her collaborators’ game plan.

“The last movie is the sort of cultural phenomenon of violence,” she explained. “That’s what the third movie ultimately is: a very powerful examination of violence. It comes at it from a slightly different way. You’ll like it… if you believe in me at all, I promise you what David Gordon Green has come up with as a way to complete this trilogy is sensational.”

Halloween Kills arrives in theatres on October 16, 2020, while Halloween Ends debuts a year later on October 15, 2021. Check out the trailer for their predecessor below, followed by a quick preview of the sequels.