Jordan Peele Reveals One Major Difference Between Get Out And Us


Coming off the blockbuster (and Oscar-winning) success of 2017’s Get Out, writer-director Jordan Peele is under enormous pressure to match that film’s impact with his sophomore effort, Us. For inspiration he turned to “Mirror Image,” a 1960 episode of The Twilight Zone about a woman who encounters a duplicate of herself. “It’s terrifying, beautiful, really elegant storytelling,” Peele told Rolling Stone in a new profile. “It opens up a world. It opens up your imagination.”

While many fans are expecting another racially-charged horror film in the Get Out vein, Peele has other ideas. “It’s important to me that we can tell black stories without it being about race,” he explained. “I realized I had never seen a horror movie of this kind, where there’s an African-American family at the centre that just is. After you get over the initial realization that you’re watching a black family in a horror film, you’re just watching a movie. You’re just watching people. I feel like it proves a very valid and different point than Get Out, which is, not everything is about race. Get Out proved the point that everything is about race. I’ve proved both points!”

Us arrives in theatres on March 22. Check out the trailer below.