Killjoys Recap: Don’t Stop Beweaving In Yourself (And Science)


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‘You can’t go home again’ is the message we heard (loud and clear) from this week’s episode of Killjoys, in which Zeph and Dutch make a trip to Zeph’s former abode on Leith—from which she was banned for using *gasp* science (who runs Leith anyway, the Trump administration?)

The two women arrive dressed in all-white Leithian linens—the most wrinkle-prone, stainable fabric known to humankind—and enact their plan to steal information about The Lady’s spider babies from a heavily guarded holo-tapestry that the Luddite Lethians have banned from ever being used. Surprise: they’re immediately busted, drugged, and thrown in a pit to think about what they’ve done.


Once they’re out, Dutch is set free with orders to GTFO off Leith while Zeph is sweet-talked by her mother about what a future on the planet could look like for her, so long as she does her duty as a woman and shuts up about science. Tempting, but Zeph chooses to knock mama out and steal the key to read the holo-tapestry instead. She regroups with Dutch just in time to fend off her own pitchfork-wielding sister, and the two women make a break for it, returning to Lucy with the intel they need. Time for a drink, we’d say.

Back on the prison ship, Johnny and D’av are running war games with the prisoners of X Wing in an attempt to train them to invade Old Town and take out The Lady’s clone spawn. It goes well until the ship’s psychiatrist intervenes and kills a bunch of prisoners while trying to gas the rest of them. Too bad for him, Calvert’s gas tolerance and spear-throwing skills are unparallelled. The episode winds down with a traditional Leith harvest dinner courtesy of Chef Fancy, during which our new, much larger Team Awesome Force revels in the fact that they have each other while The Lady is all alone… what they don’t know is that she seems to have won over Khlyen.


5 questions we have about the latest episode of Killjoys:

1. Has Khlyen lost his damn mind, or is he playing a long game with The Lady? Is she actually the galaxy-conquering daughter he always wanted?

2. The Lady’s kidnapped alien hatchling survived 36 hours outside of its cryobox… what does that say about Old Town’s atmosphere and how long humans will be able to survive there?

3. Calvert or the Warden: who will not date Johnny first (sorry, Johnny)?

4. What has made The Lady so dependent on Khlyen? We thought she was so formidable at the beginning of the season, but now she seems riddled with weaknesses. Things are looking good for Team Dutch.

5. Turin is now a prisoner of The Lady—any chance he’ll make it out alive?