Killjoys Recap: Terraformance Anxiety—It Happens To The Best Of Us


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There’s something in the air in Old Town—something noxious and heavy and full of a… vaccine? The upside is that it isn’t a virus, the downside is that it’s vaccinating The Lady’s alien offspring to make them harder, faster, stronger and—most relevant to the people of Westerley—hungrier. We learn this right of the top of the episode when poor Carl (truly, we hardly knew him) gets gobbled up leaving behind nothing but a fresh bloodstain. Bye, Carl.

Carl’s death, however, was not in vain. It gave Pree and Turin a glimpse of just how big the alien invaders have gotten—and how little time they have left to take action against The Lady before there’s not a human left alive on Westerley. Rallying the prison troops, Dutch makes the call to go hard on an assault at the Old Town factory at the centre of a The Lady’s terraforming project.


The team sends Gared to mislead Khlyen about the attack, but it turns out that this mislead is simply another mislead. It takes Khlyen to the factory to stop the bombing (his priority is Qresh, and The Lady has promised him the planet in exchange for the rest of the Quad), but that’s exactly where Dutch wants him. The ploy makes his motivations clear—yes, he’s on Dutch’s side, but he’s also willing to negotiate with The Lady and sacrifice Westerley without a second thought.

Dutch isn’t having it—but that doesn’t mean that she, too, can escape making a terrible choice. After Pree and Turin evacuate the citizens of Old Town to the Badlands, she turns the city (and the alien invaders) to dust. Victory is bittersweet.

Old Town aside, The Lady didn’t come out of this episode empty handed. One of her minions picked up a signal being beamed to her armada from another planet. When the jump ship sent to investigate it returns, it brings her back something she’s wanted for a long time: Jaq, sleeping like a baby/teenager inside Khlyen’s fancy cube.


5 questions we have about the latest episode of Killjoys:

1. Oh, Khlyen. Will we ever be able to trust you?

2. What is Aneela up to with all of her behind the scenes manoeuvring?

3. Where does the battle move to now? Will The Lady try to destroy Qresh?

4. What was with that flashback of Khlyen taking Yala to Arkin?

5. What will The Lady do with Jaq if she can get inside the cube? Is she still keen on the whole body snatching plan?