Killjoys Recap: “The Sugar Point Run”



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No money, no ship, no papers. Dutch and John’s freeloading guest has officially overstayed his welcome and appears to have no plans for his future, either. After narrowly avoiding the wrong end of a kill warrant, D’Avin has decided he doesn’t want to work for The Man. He’d prefer to continue life as an outlaw—as soon as he can get off the Killjoys’ ship, that is.


His lack of papers means that he must tag along for Dutch and John’s next mission to Sugar Point—one that they have no choice but to accept, thanks, in part, to D’Avin’s trespasses. The warrant involves a hostage exchange: one of The Company’s prisoners for the mayor’s daughter, kidnapped by a rebel called R’yo who wants her brother freed from jail. Or so it would seem.


When Sugar Point scavengers cause Lucy to crash on the wrong side of town, their prisoner escapes and Dutch reluctantly teams up with D’Avin to retrieve him while John stays behind to repair Lucy. Dutch’s Killjoy tactics clash with D’Avin’s soldierly ways but when he finally opens up and reveals why he came to The Quad, she begins to trust him. D’Avin is looking for someone—a doctor whose help he needs. For what? We still don’t know.


Following a brief detour into unconsciousness, Dutch and D’Avin are back on their feet but down one prisoner. No matter, they’ve discovered that it wasn’t Simon his sister really wanted. It’s stolen Company data that had become (shudder) ingrown in his intestines. With that in hand, they head for R’yo.

Back at the ship, John is in a race against time as Lucy’s power supply steadily decreases while she protects him from the scavengers surrounding the ship. As they hatch a clever plan to defeat them, it comes to light that Dutch upped Lucy’s security parameters after a recent forced entry.


Flashbacks to Dutch’s childhood give us a better look into her past (and at the person who breached her ship to leave behind a little red box in the last episode) while driving the story towards the moment where she finally takes action: she finds the requisite target, but instead of killing him, she demands information—like why someone would want him dead.


In the end, the Killjoys come out on top, rescuing the mayor’s daughter, claiming a generous reward, and deciding on a new career path for D’Avin, too. Dutch and John’s duo is now a trio of Killjoys—with so many secrets between them.


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