Krypton Recap: Zods And Monsters And The People Who Made Them


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Following a rousing pep talk from General Zod in which he tells the people of Kandor that he’s captured Doomsday, we learn all about the monster’s origin story… and it is not pretty. Doomsday is not some alien creature forced into Kandorian service. He’s not something grown in a petri dish and trained for war. He was a Kryptonian, just like everyone else in all ways except one: his genetic makeup allowed for his body to be manipulated (read: tortured, killed, and resurrected) until he became close to invincible. Through flashbacks we see that his torturers were ancient Els and Zods trying to win a war (though to the Zod family’s credit, they were much less willing to go forward with the brutal experiment).

Using his somatic reconditioning tech, Zod digs deep into Doomsday’s brain. He goes all the way back to when he was just Dax, a guy with a kid and a wife. Here Zod discovers that the traumatic memory of Dax’s wife seeing him as a monster and running from what she saw is the one thing that could bring Doomsday under the General’s control. This can’t be good for Seg and the rebels.


Currently, however, Seg has bigger problems. Like the fact that Brainiac has hijacked Fortress of Solitude tech to summon his skull ship and kidnap baby Jor-El (yes, we’ve skipped over the sweet little renaming ceremony in which Nyssa put an end to the House of Vex and gave her son a new and already famous moniker). After all the work and worry Nyssa went through wielding a sonic scalpel (shout out to Doctor Who’s screwdriver!) to slice Brainiac’s nanites from Seg’s brainstem, Brainiac simply jumped ship into the Fortress’ computer system and beamed baby Jor aboard his ship. Nyssa is annoyed. And by annoyed, we mean devastated. She just got Jor back from Zod! Someone give this woman a break.

In the little bit of good news that this episode delivered, Kem saved a bunch of Sagitari conscripts from being poisoned to death in a mine after Zod abandoned them there. So that’s nice. Also: Zod’s cocktail hour being disrupted by the arrival of the skull ship was pretty great. It’s the little things, you know?


5 questions we have about the latest episode of Krypton:

1. Will Doomsday ever really be under General Zod’s control knowing that it was a Zod, in part, that ruined his life?

2. Zod, Doomsday, and now Brainiac (again): Seg has 99 problems and his kidnapped son is one. How will he get Jor-El back?

3. How did Brainiac free his nanites and jump into the Val-El hologram? We demand an explanation!

4. Who will Zod turn Doomsday loose on first: Seg or the universe he’s so intent on conquering?

5. Beyond what Zod can access with his somatic reconditioning gadget, is there any bit of Dax left inside Doomsday, or is who he was completely unknown to the creature he is now?

Check out the full episode below: