Krypton Recap: Danger Close And In Every Direction

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Seg is back on Krypton but the Kandor he’s returned to is very different than the one he left. Gone is his old Rankless neighbourhood, replaced by shiny new surfaces… and a looming hologram of Zod. Seg’s first order of business is to visit Lyta and see if she can be persuaded to help him end the war his way (right after a quick shag). But Lyta betrays him, informing Zod that Seg has returned and leaving Seg with his power-mad son while she goes off to take care of the rebels on Wegthor. There’s something different about Lyta, and Seg is about to find out what that is.

Running into an old acquaintance in the medical bay, Seg is struck by the fact that she doesn’t remember him and when he tries to remind her, she freaks out. Through her, Seg discovers Zod’s “reconditioning” machine — the same machine he’s used on Lyta to make her so incredibly compliant (and give her chronic nosebleeds). When Zod’s minions try it out on Seg, however, the reconditioning doesn’t go as planned. Which is how Seg makes his second big discovery of the episode: that he still has a bit of Brainiac in his system.

The drama is pitched even higher on Wegthor where the rebels are waltzing right into Zod’s trap. After an early victory against a battalion of Sagitari conscripts, the rebels send a team to take the elevator. As we’ve known all along, this was exactly how Zod had intended the war to go. Nyssa tells Val about the Codex bomb so that Jax can’t use it against the Sagitari while faulty oxygenators take out most of the rebel forces. There will be no more army to stand against Zod… which leaves Seg, Jayna, and Dev? No offence, Seg, but we don’t love those odds.

5 questions we have about the latest episode of Krypton:

1. How much of Brainiac is still inside Seg?

2. And while we’re talking about cranial takeovers, how much of Lyta is still inside Lyta? Can what’s been done to her be reversed?

3. Was Nyssa truly horrified by what Jax planned to do with the Codex or was her telling Val about it part of the plan all along? What will she do with the Codex now?

4. Who else thinks there’s a good chance that Adam has in fact ‘broken the universe’?

5. Is Lyta right? Is this really the end of the rebellion and the war against Zod?

Check out the full episode below: