5 Things To Expect From Krypton’s Second Season


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Last spring, the new superhero series Krypton made its debut, telling the story of Superman’s home planet and his ancestors, the members of the House of El. We learned about El’s noble past, its fall and its disgrace, and its near-return to glory (thanks for nothing, Zod).

In June, we’ll catch up with the people of Kandor and find out WTF happened when Seg-El accidentally ended up in the Phantom Zone. Much about Season 2 is still unknown, but based on what we do know, we put together a list of a few things we should expect from the new season:

More Brainiac


We thought he’d been defeated in the last minutes of the Season 1 finale, but he managed to wrap a tentacle around Seg and take him to the interstellar prison that is the Phantom Zone. Will Seg have to work alongside his former enemy to free himself? Because that sounds like making a deal with a literal devil. Yikes. 



Meet Lobo, the self-proclaimed ‘greatest bounty hunter in the galaxy.’ Likes: torture, pain, leather pants. Dislikes: bathing, hair-brushing, and other hygiene-related activities. Both Seg and Adam Strange will have to contend with this season’s new villain. Better them than us.

Doomsday On The Loose


The big guy was juuuuuust waking up the last time we left Kandor. Wonder which side of the bed he’s going to be on.

Side Switching


“If we have to, we will finish your rebellion with force,” says Lyta in the Season 2 trailer. Whose rebellion would that be? Val’s, naturally—and it looks like Nyssa is fighting on the side of the rebels this season. Guess that settles Seg’s little love triangle dilemma (if he ever makes it back from the Phantom Zone).

Revenge On Zod


In the time between the first season and this new one, not only has Zod taken over Krypton, but he’s also looking to expand his dominion by conquering other planets. He’s become the power-crazed General Zod from the future that we’ve always known (yes, that sentence does make sense), but we’re willing to bet that Seg and his allies are going to do everything they can to bring him down. 

Don’t miss the Season 2 premiere of Krypton June 12. Check out the official season trailer below.