Whovians Need To Get Their Hands On LEGO Dimensions’ Doctor Who Level Pack

Let’s get one thing straight: whether or not you’re a true blue Whovian, the Doctor Who Level Pack is the best expansion LEGO Dimensions has to offer. Compared to last month’s perfectly serviceable Back to the Future Level Pack, it’s a major upgrade both in terms of story length and gameplay depth. Here are five reasons why you need to get your geeky hands on it.

Build Doctor Who LEGO


While the Level Pack is a blast to play through, building LEGO is half the fun. Your main man is the Twelve Doctor, as portrayed by Peter Capaldi, who also lends his voice. While we’d love to see Clara Oswald in the mix, each Level Pack only comes with one mini figurine (Team Packs offer multiple little guys). Fortunately, the Doctor’s non-Companion companions—a TARDIS and K-9—are a hoot to build and play with.

The story unfolds like a typical episode

doctor who

Following a quick prologue that sees an armada of Daleks descend upon Earth, the Doctor Who Level Pack literally kicks off with a LEGO-fied opening credits sequence, a la TV opener. Not unlike the Back to the Future Level Pack, the Doctor must travel back and forth (and back and forth) through time in order to get through a trio of shields to go up against one of his nastiest nemeses…

Who villains galore


If you can survive the endless onslaught of bumbling Daleks, you’ll learn the true culprit behind the chaos: Davros—who looks far more appealing in LEGO form. Also, one of the later skirmishes takes place on Trenzalore, which is littered with both Weeping Angels and The Silence. You don’t see that every day!

Explore open worlds

doctor who

After completing the game’s main mission, you can hop in the TARDIS and explore six different open-world adventure areas: 19th century London, current-day London, Mars, Skaro, Telos, and Trenzalore. Throughout these playgrounds, the Doctor will come across multiple mini-quests and face many familiar foes, from Autons to Zygons. Even Missy (voiced by Michelle Gomez) makes an appearance, along with a brief Clara (voiced by Jenna Coleman, natch) cameo.

Regenerate as any Doctor


Another nifty thing you can do after beating the main mission is regenerate into any of the 12 pre-Capaldi Doctors (yup, even the War Doctor). Another clever trick is that whenever the Doctor dies in the open-world, he returns as a different one. So feel free to die a lot!

The LEGO Dimensions Doctor Who Level Pack is out now on Xbox 360, PS3, Xbox One, PS4, and Wii U. Be on the lookout for the Doctor Who Cyberman Fun Pack on Janurary 16, 2016, which comes with duh, a LEGO Cyberman and Dalek.