M. Night Shyamalan Explains Why He’s Not A Good Match For Marvel


If you’re a successful actor or filmmaker in 2019, it’s not long before you find yourself weighing offers from Marvel and/or DC. However, if you’re M. Night Shyamalan—a filmmaker with two decades of success (and failure) under his belt—those offers are missing at least one essential ingredient: creative control. While he remains open to the possibility of a Marvel or DC collaboration, he refuses to silence his own creative voice. “I want to make sure it’s right for everybody,” he told Yahoo Movies UK. “I have a strong [filmmaking] accent. It’s very particular, and the best version of it is, to keep the accent.”

It’s not inconceivable that Marvel or DC would make a film with Shyamalan’s “accent,” but he’s not sure that would be good for anyone. “Are those movies a place for that? Or is it appropriate for that? Because they, in and of themselves, have their own flavour. Do they want this other tabasco in there? So it’s philosophically a question. It doesn’t mean never, but it’s very hard to imagine. Filmmakers that have a heavy accent—I don’t necessarily want them to make those movies.”

Of course, Shyamalan has already dabbled in the world of superheroes with Unbreakable, Split, and now Glass, which arrives in theatres on Friday. Check out the trailer below.