Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Is A Smash To Play On The Go

It’s kinda hard to believe that the Marvel: Ultimate Alliance franchise has been around longer than the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The first game came out in 2006, two years before Robert Downey Jr. helped kick-start the biggest movie series like, ever. In other words, these games have officially outlived Iron Man. In case the silver screen translations of Infinity War weren’t enough for ya, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order offers another take on the iconic Infinity Stones storyline.

For the first time ever, the latest entry in the Marvel: Ultimate Alliance series is only available on one console: the Nintendo Switch. Fortunately, this is the ideal home for this game’s simple button-mashy mechanics. While it isn’t the most immersive experience on the couch, Ultimate Alliance 3 is perfect in short doses when you’re on the go. Think of it as a pocket-sized arcade game.

Developed by Team Ninja, who’ve enjoyed some pretty good success with the recent(ish) Nintendo exclusive Hyrule Warriors, Ultimate Alliance 3 definitely has more of a no-frills beat-em-up vibe the game-makers’ past credits. Like Hyrule Warriors, the fun-factor lies in effortlessly tearing through large clusters of enemies, with some light RPG elements thrown in for good measure.

Another game I’d compare it to is Lego Marvel Superheroes (or any Lego title, for that matter), with its breezy learning curve, vast array of unlockables, and easy-peasy puzzles. The campaign is fairly expansive and offers a clever spin on classic Marvel moments, but don’t go in expecting Lego-calibre goofiness, which is a bit missed here.

While the upshot is somewhat shallow, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3‘s main attraction is being able to team up as a unique foursome of superheroes (and supervillains) from a MASSIVE pool of Marvel icons. Each fighter has a range of attributes and special moves, which can be combined with other fighters to unleash Synergy Attacks. The possibilities are limitless and always amusing to experiment with, especially with three other online pals.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order is out now exclusively on the Nintendo Switch. Check out the game’s trailer below.