Could Natalie Dormer Be The Next Doctor?

In recent years, 33-year-old British actress Natalie Dormer has made a strong impression in geek circles with her roles in Captain America: The First Avenger, Elementary, Game of Thrones, and The Hunger Games. While Dormer has been happy to go wherever opportunity takes her—thus far, this has resulted in an emphasis on all things fantasy—she claims she is hungry for more substantial roles.

Dormer has landed some of the best reviews of her career playing a female Moriarty in Elementary, causing Radio Times to ask if she might be interested in reinventing any other iconic male characters, including the Doctor. “I would do any role if I thought the script was fantastic,” she said. “It has to be real human beings, contradictory, flawed, complex multidimensional characters. It can’t just be concept. You know, female James Bond—concept. It has to have quality in the writing of real human psychology.”


With Hollywood determined to make escapist popcorn movies and little else, the pursuit of complex characters is likely to lead Dormer away from the massive franchises and TV series that have established her reputation, but she’s confident that the opportunities are out there somewhere—for men and women alike. “I’m an optimist. I genuinely believe the tide is turning and it all starts with the writing. We need more scripts that do these things, that give the equality in the writing to the characters, because what we’re looking for ultimately is gender irrelevance… when a character is not defined by their gender, that’s when we’ll know we’re there.”