Nintendo Switch Lite Is Portable Perfection

I’ve owned a lot of Nintendo handhelds. Scratch that, I’ve owned every Nintendo handheld. It’s safe to say that the Nintendo Switch Lite has the potential to be the best of the bunch. It looks right, feels right, and strikes the perfect balance between sleek and adorbs. It also contains one of the most impressive game libraries of all time: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Super Mario Odyssey, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe are easily the greatest titles of their beloved franchises, and I’m guessing next week’s Pokémon Sword and Shield will continue that tradition.  

If you already own the non-Lite Switch or really love playing on the big screen, this may not be the console for you. However, I must admit that even though I fall under both of those camps, I can’t seem to put my shiny new yellow Switch Lite down. Holding it in my medium-sized hands… it just feels better. Also, sharing cloud saves and gamer profiles between two systems is as effortless as I’d hoped it would be. Huge phew!

Another BIG incentive to go with the Lite model is that it costs 100 bucks less than the OG Switch. But that’s not all:

Batteries Included

The Switch Lite has a longer battery life of up to 7 hours, which is 2.5 hours longer than the launch Switch. However, it’s worth noting that newer Switch has a slightly longer battery life than the Lite, clocking in at up to 9 hours.

Hello, D-Pad, My Old Friend

The Switch Lite comes with a proper directional pad instead of those awkwardly segregated buttons. This is especially lovely when playing classic NES and SNES platformers like Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Metroid.

Solid As A Rock

It may be “Lite,” but it feels sturdier, thanks to doing away with those detachable Joy-Cons in favour of one seamless system. While the Joy-Cons provide additional gameplay perks (see Mario Party and Ring Fit Adventure), the undocked OG Switch feels more like a Frankenstein’d display with two controllers attached to it. By comparison,  the Switch Lite feels like a dedicated handheld, rather than a hybrid.

So Smol

The Switch Lite is a wee bit smaller, with a 5.5-inch display versus the non-Lite’s 6.2 Inches. This doesn’t seem to impact the visuals—which do run at 720p rather than 1080p when the non-Lite is docked—but it does make gaming noticeably more comfortable. The smaller dimensions are also more travel-friendly, which is the kinda the point, right?

Colour Me Impressed

Switch Lite comes in a variety of funky colours like yellow, turquoise, gray, and a limited Zacian and Zamazenta edition (complete with cyan and magenta buttons). Wacky Joy-Con colours were one thing, but this is next level. It’s not long before we get some truly inventive designs, a la Nintendo 3DS.

Light As A Feather

Lastly, whoa, this baby lives up to its name. This Lite is LIGHT! How the heck did they cram all that sweet Nintendo goodness into a measly .61 lbs?

Nintendo Switch Lite is available now, so go ahead and stuff someone’s stocking or, like, you’re OWN stocking! Check out the trailer below.