Stephen King ‘Doesn’t Have An Issue’ With The Pet Sematary Controversy


When the Pet Sematary trailer was released recently, some die-hard fans of the source material were alarmed to discover that the child revived onscreen is Ellie Creed, not her little brother Gage. In trying to get to the bottom of this controversy, Flickering Myth went straight to the actor who plays the children’s father: Jason Clarke. “As an actor, ultimately, you don’t care,” he said. “It’s like saying, ‘How do you approach playing a real person?’ You have to serve what’s on the page and what the director wants and what happens on the day. You don’t have any choice.”

As Clarke sees it, there are perfectly good reasons for this change—and the world’s leading Pet Sematary expert has his back. “It’s pretty easy to justify,” he explained. “You can’t play that movie with a three-year-old boy. You end up with a doll or some animated thing, so you’re going to get a much deeper, richer story by swapping for a seven-year-old or nine-year-old girl. The reward will come. People who are upset will hopefully see the benefit of it. But a lot of people didn’t have an issue. Stephen King didn’t have an issue with it.”

Pet Sematary arrives in theatres on April 5. Check out the trailer below.