Peter Capaldi Says The New Doctor Is Going To Be Awesome

Jodie Whittaker, by now known to all Whovians as the Thirteenth Doctor, has officially received the stamp of approval from her predecessor, Peter Capaldi. During a panel at this week’s New York Comic Con, Twelve told the crowd that he felt confident about passing the TARDIS onto Whittaker, known for her work on other British shows like Broadchurch and Black Mirror.

“It’s in good hands,” he said. “She is really great. You’re coming up on a really nice time. It’s always really wonderful when there’s a transition to a new Doctor,” added Capaldi, who accidentally found out that a woman would be taking over his role during a routine visit to his London tailor.

Capaldi has admitted that he’s more than ready to hand the job off to someone new (though his character is far less willing—we’ve been watching him fight off his inevitable regeneration for a while now). “My doctor is refusing to regenerate,” he said. “He doesn’t want to turn into someone else. He has to be persuaded to do that.”

“It fills up your life,” he explained, elaborating on why he feels that now is the right time to leave. “You don’t have a second where it’s not about Doctor Who. It’s a nice way to live [but] I really never wanted to get to a place where I knew how to do this because that’s not what being creative is. The actual amount of time we were spending on the show, I realized I was getting the hang of it. And that made me frightened.”

Catch Peter Capaldi in his final turn as the Twelfth Doctor on December 25 when the annual Who Christmas Special airs on Space.