The Ralph Breaks The Internet Blu-Ray Does Deleted Scenes Right


2018’s Ralph Breaks the Internet was a capable sequel (to 2012’s Wreck-It Ralph) that managed to call attention to technology’s potential dangers without coming across too preachy. The Ralph Breaks the Internet Blu-ray, available starting today, gives Disney fans a sense of how much work went into achieving that balance.

Specifically, a multi-part behind-the-scenes extra called “How We Broke the Internet” divides Ralph into several key sections (including BuzzzTube, Oh My Disney and eBay, just to name a few) and examines how each of those sections changed and evolved throughout the filmmaking process. Did you know that the Netizens’ heads were inspired by the rounded rectangle shape that designers use to create app icons? Or that the Ralph team actually visited a race track to figure out how to best animate Slaughter Race’s car chase scenes? Featuring talking heads of everyone from co-directors Rich Moore and Phil Johnston to screenwriter Pamela Ribon and head of animation Kira Lehtomaki, this extra is for anyone who wants to know how the Ralph team managed to make something intangible (i.e. the Internet) not only tangible but also bright, complex, and overflowing with visual treats and Easter eggs.


Speaking of Easter eggs, Disney put together an entire extra that highlights some of the visual gags and references you may have missed (apparently the movie’s got dozens of sneakily placed props from Frozen—who knew)? We love a good Easter egg, and we applaud Disney for trying to get ahead of all those Easter egg YouTubers. But a film as reference-heavy as Ralph Breaks the Internet almost needs a YouTube video, or at least something like it. If Disney does this again (especially if they make another Ralph movie), we wouldn’t mind sitting through an Easter egg video that’s a little longer and more in-depth.

Fortunately, Disney did decide to go more in-depth with its deleted scenes. Moore and Johnston preface each scene with a description of what you’re about to see and justify why that scene was ultimately cut. While that seems like a logical way to format a deleted scenes extra, most Blu-rays present viewers with a series of outtakes without giving context as to why they didn’t make the final film. Sometimes they even combine all their deleted scenes into one continuous, sort of confusing montage—we’re looking at you Mission: Impossible—Fallout. Pay special attention to a scene called “Bubble of One”—it runs a little long, but the scene eventually gave way to the “Ralphzilla” concept that did make it to theatres.

Ralph Breaks the Internet is now available on Blu-ray, 4K, DVD and digital. Check out the official movie trailer below.