Revealing Photos Leak From The Set Of Spectre



If you’re uneasy around revealing hints that aren’t quite spoilers, you might want to avoid this post. But if you can’t wait to learn more about Christoph Waltz’s contribution to the new Bond film, you’re in luck.

The Daily Mail has leaked photos from to set of Spectre that offer some new insight into the identity of Waltz’s Bond villain. Early reports claimed that Waltz is playing Franz Oberhauser, but (a) the actor has vehemently denied these reports and (b) his face was pointedly withheld in the first Spectre teaser.

As IGN explains, the rumour mill is suggesting that Waltz may be playing Bond’s greatest enemy, Ernst Stavro Blofeld, who previously appeared in Diamonds Are Forever, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, and You Only Live Twice. These previous incarnations all had significant deformities—and The Daily Mail’s photos suggest that Waltz’s face may be similarly reinvented in the new Bond film.


Those dots on Waltz’s face are being used to track his movements for motion capture purposes. In post-production, effects artists will be adding or even subtracting (The Dark Knight’s Harvey Dent/Two-Face comes to mind) from Waltz’s face to craft the character’s distinctive look. We’ll probably have to wait a while before the specifics come into focus, but in the meantime, feel free to revisit the first Spectre teaser below.